Grid-tied solutions

Do you want to save on electricity and become more green and sustainable? The Grid-tied Solution provides clean solar energy to homes and commercial properties in Cape Town and surrounding areas, saving money in the long term while protecting the environment for the future.

We offer a grid-tied system to operate in conjunction with the utility supplier (Eskom). 

The main component in a grid-tied system is the inverter, which converts the DC power produced by the solar panels to AC power, which is consistent with the voltage and power quality requirements of the main grid system. This can be designed to supply anything from a few lights to the majority of your property’s electrical needs. Each property will be a site specific project enabling the customer to have full control over the scale of the installation, whether starting off small and building as capital is available, or fitting a fully integrated system.

Cost: R50 000 to R100 000 depending on your needs.

Metro Grid Tied Solutions