Side cladding

Side Cladding: is “the use of roof covering material to cover a structure’s exterior fascade”.

wall cladding
side cladding

This is a unique roofing technique often sought after by modern commercial firms, industrial offices or top notch residential properties adding that additional value to the property or building.

side cladding
Cladding Profiles

All types of roof covering profiles can be used for this application which include concealed fixed, corrugated or the IBR profile. The Snap Lok concealed fixed profile is Metro’s preferred profile as it gives that unique slim look without any screws piercing the roof sheeting.

Cladding Applications

The side cladding is installed to the exterior of a building either fixed to the steel structure or against the existing brick work. The cladding material must be installed to a structural fixed backing which can either be steel or timber.

Metro Roof

Previous Projects

A few featured projects we have completed include a Snaplok Concealed Fixed Profile, cladding installation at Rhino Africa in Woodstock, an installation to a commercial building in Maitland and a Metal Side Cladding project where the metal sheets were wrapped around a residential home in Greenpoint