Off-grid system

Do you want to be completely self-sustaining or independent? Do you want to make an impact on the environment and your monthly expenses? Then the off-grid system is for you.

Metro can offer a total off-grid system that is designed to work independently from the grid (Eskom). This system incorporates the need for "change of lifestyle" planning with the following aspects of energy consumption taken into account:

  1.  Solar power to supply electricity and water heating
  2. All lighting to be LED or equivalent
  3. Electrical appliances to be low energy consumption
  4. Cooking to be prepared on a gas system
  5.  Grey water to be recycled
  6.  Rain water harvesting implemented
  7. Window glazing changed to high performance energy efficient
  8. Roof insulation installed

Cost: > R100 000 depending on your needs.

Metro Off Grid System