Metal side cladding adds value to your property

Metal side cladding adds value to your property image

Metal Side Cladding adds value to your property

Side Cladding  is "the use of material to cover or layer a structure's exterior wall".

Side Cladding is a unique roofing technique often sought after by modern commercial firms.

Metro Roof recently completed a residential project in Green Point, where metal side cladding was wrapped around the building, transforming it into a unique Cape Town feature.



The installation of the standing seam profile "Snaplok" was installed against the steel structure, completing the side cladding. All roof, wall and window flashings were purposely designed to site requirements and installed by the Metro team. Diamondek concealed fixed roofing profile was installed as the roof covering fixed against timber rafters.

New side cladding and roof covering:

  • Side cladding - Supplied and installed .53 Colorbond AZ200 Snaplok roof sheeting.
  • Roof covering - Supplied and installed .53 Colorbond AZ200 Diamondek roof sheeting.

Download the Project Brochure

View our previous Side Cladding project in Woodstock for Rhino Africa.

Area: Covered: Roof Size: 105m2 | Wall Cladding: 85m2 

Date Completed: December 2018  

Warranty Provided:  2-year Workmanship Warranty


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