Green Solutions

The principle is always to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. It is as much about how much energy is demanded as it is how the energy is supplied.

1.     BEHAVIOURAL GREEN STEPS  (Easy demand reducing steps)

Reduce your water consumption

Only shower don’t bath

Take shorter showers

Never leave a tap running when it is not necessary

Wash clothes in cold water

Reduce your energy consumption

Use LED lighting

Unplug or turn off un-used electrical appliances at the wall

Reduce the number of lights in use

Switch lights off when not in the room

Use a small tub in your washing up basin instead of the whole base.

Lower the thermostat on your geyser to 60 degrees, considered the optimal temperature for energy efficiency and using as little cold as possible.

Put excess hot water into thermos flask

Use gas heaters instead of electric heaters or better yet more blankets and clothes and less heaters all together

Boiling the kettle only have enough water for the number of cups you will need

Boil kettle on gas hob

Use rubber seals on windows and doors to close any gaps/cracks and improve insulation.

Reduce your waste production

Don’t use plastic is bags

Split rubbish up into compost, recyclables and general waste.

Only pick products with eco friendly wrapping

Reuse jars, cardboard boxes and plastic tubs

Support environmentally friendly producers.

2.     LITTLE GREEN STEPS (medium)


Reduce your water consumption

Install high pressure eco friendly shower heads with smaller outlets.

Fix and check all leaking taps and pipes

Reduce your energy consumption

Timer on your geyser

Install sensors on your lights

Put reinforced insulation around your geyser and pipe work

Reduce your waste production

Make a compost heap

Don’t buy fresh produce in plastic containers or excessive packaging.

3.      BIG GREEN STEPS (hard)


Reduce your water consumption

Install harvesting rain water system for grey water usage and gardening

Replace old toilets with new toilets with efficient flushing systems

Install a recycle grey water system


Reduce your energy consumption

Replace your geyser with a more sustainable cost effect solution - solar or thermal geyser

Install heat exchange

Install full solar energy solution to take your property off-grid

Use heat efficient cookers eg the wonder bag

Use gas instead if electric cookers.

Install adequate sisolation and insulation

Install double glazing


Reduce your waste production

Make a worm farm

Produce your own vegetables on a roof top garden

Use sustainable building products to do renovations e.g. timer, paper, hemp, etc


I have kept you dry when it was wet, warm when it was cold, I even kept you cool when it is hot.

I can provide light when there is none, water when it is dry and even produce food when you don't have a garden.

I have been with you since birth and will be there when you catch the bus.

What am I?

I am your roof. 

Changing the way you view your roof. Contact us for green roofing, rain water harvesting, energy solutions and roof top gardens.