Alterna Cement Fibre Slate Installation by Metro Roof

Alterna Cement Fibre Slate Installation by Metro Roof image

Alterna Fibre Cement Slate Installation by Metro Roof

Scope of Work:

Metro removed the building's existing Asbestos Slate from the pitched roof area and disposed it safely from site. 

Metro then supplied & installed Alterna Fibre Cement Slate & Aluminium Soaker Flashings on existing battens.

*Material supplied by Marley Roofing.

The Metro Roof team is certified in Asbestos Removal - ensuring all material is cleared and disposed of as per asbestos removal regulations.

Removing of the Asbestos Slate and replacing with unique Alterna Cement Fibre Slate:

The Area Covered: Roof Size: 270m2

Completion Date: June 2018

Warranty Provided: 2 Year Workmanship Warranty

Progress images: Left: Asbestos Roof | Right: Asbestos removed and replaced with Alterna Slate

The Finished Result:



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