9 changes to sectional title legislation you can't afford to ignore

9 changes to sectional title legislation you can

There's a new legislation in town and according to Property 24, there are nine things you have to know about the changes. “Certain changes will have to be made in the management of sectional title schemes effective on the date that they are published in the Government Gazette, which is envisaged will be the 7th October 2016,” said Michael Bauer, general manager of property management company IHFM, last year. The changes are now in place and as follows:


1. Establish a reserve fund

At this point the amount suggested for each sectional title scheme to set aside is 25% of the budgeted annual levy figure. The aim of this fund is to cover costs of future maintenance and repairs to common property. Some large items to consider in sectional title maintenance could be roofing maintenance, repairs and re-roofing and/or electrical maintenance. Metro Roof can help.


2. Notify the ombudsman of a domicile

The chief ombud, local municipality, and local registrar of deeds need to have the domicile registered. so that if cases are brought against bodies corporate by owners or vice versa, there is one address by which to serve notices.


3. Assist schemes to recover arrear levies

The regional ombud can be approached to help in cases where trustees are finding it difficult to recover arrear owner contributions.


4. Certify changes of levy contributions

When the levy amounts are to be changed, this must be certified in writing. 


5. Limit proxies

There will be a limit on the number of proxies held per person and a person will not be able to be proxy for more than two members.


6. Remedy an inability to obtain either a special or unanimous resolution

In future, the chief ombud can be approached to assist in cases where there is a stalemate in achieving either a special or unanimous resolution.  


7. Assist where there are differing management or conduct rules

In cases where the rules have been substituted, added to or changed, the chief ombud must approve these and a certificate will be issued to that effect.


8. Ensure the safe storage and delivery of management and conduct rules  

All the rules must be made available at all meetings and given to people who are new to the scheme, whether owners or tenants.


9. Keep track of occupancy changes

The body corporate of sectional title schemes must be notified of details of any change of ownership.


At Metro we have a number of services that could be of interest to section title holders and property managers alike:

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