Project turnaround in Kommetjie

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We recently completed a project in Kommetjie to re-roof an area of approximately 305 m2 on an existing residential house. While this might sound like a simple task of strip and replace, a lot more than that goes into something like this. That said, our team of professionals jumped at the challenge and efficiently finished the work to an excellent standard thanks to their expert skills and experience.


This project took place in several distinct stages over the course 10 days. It started with stripping of the existing asbestos roof covering and installing additional timber purlins to rafters. This support was absolutely necessary to sustain the new sheeting. Next, we installed an FR 405 insulation barrier over the timber purlins. This allowed us to re-sheet the entire roof, including dormer windows, with 0.53 corrugated COLORBOND Ultra roof sheeting.


Lastly, we designed and installed technical roof flashings. The flashing work and waterproofing of this Kommetjie property was very technical due to the bespoke dormers and sky lights. We were please with the professional finish, and the client confirmed that they were deeply satisfied with a job well done.


If you think your house might be in need of a re-roof, contact us on 086 101 4653 for an analysis and free quote.


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