Tokai Estate Solar Project

Tokai Estate Solar Project image

Metro recently completed a roof top solar project at Tokai Estate in Cape Town's Southern Suburbs. We couldn't be prouder of the outcome. 

The rooftop solar solution comprises 148 solar PV panels, with an output capacity of roughly 45kWh of energy. The project took eight days to complete and will help supplement the Tokai Estate's energy needs with clean green energy. The solar system is a grid-tied solution with numerous inverters to convert the DC power into AC for consumption on site. The system has been installed with Power Optimisers to enable remote monitoring of each panel from a tablet, smart phone or PC.

The Tokai Estate is a newly built luxury retirement village in the Western Cape, with breathtaking views of Constantiaberg. It was developed by Faircape using contractors such as Murray & Roberts. The new building site required the highest safety standards,professionalism and attention to detail, making Metro Solar an ideal candidate to do the solar job. The clips and fixings were installed to insure minimal disruption to the newly install roof and most importantly maintain all the warranties and guarantees that come with a roof of this nature. Hopefully the results speak for themselves.

A huge thanks goes to the team that worked diligently and tirelessly to make this project such a success. Take a look at the project below:


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