What a wonderful world in a Wendy house

What a wonderful world in a Wendy house image

Metro has recently started a new venture to complement our roofing service; we can now create a dog house or Wendy house if requested. Both these houses are made of cycles palettes, offcuts and roof sheets. They are well-insulated to keep pets warm when it gets chilly and to protect children when it’s cold and they still want to play outside.

The well-designed Wendy house is durable, can withstand strong wind and protect your little ones from the harsh summer sun. Choose how big you want it and we’ll make the perfect little Wendy house to keep them entertained all day – in a safe and fun way.

There is also a lovely story behind our new venture. As a roofing company in the southern suburbs, we are always looking at ways to up skill the youth. This initiative is a great way for us to introduce a mentorship initiative for roofers that are new to the industry. The practise their sheeting and flashing work under the watchful eye of our mentors and have a finished product they can be proud of. Further more our work hours depend a lot on the seasons and the weather. This can sometimes create a financial strain on our workers. This initiative helps to utilise create employment when there would be any.

The dog house includes a water catchment system for when there is rainfall. It catches and stores the rain drops so it can be used as drinking water. As far as water restrictions go in the Cape, this is a great way to save water and make use of the rainfall. They’re the perfect hideout for dogs who spend most of their days outside the house.

We offer a customised service so contact us for a quote at 086 101 4653 or email us at info@metroroof.co.za.


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