Electrical installations: we’ve got the power

Electrical installations: we’ve got the power image

The electrical installations of your home have the power to make or break your property. Faulty electrical work can result in fire, personal injury, damage to possessions and very costly repairs needed. It depends on how they’re installed, maintained, and repaired when a fault does occur.
These are the key electrical installation issues to look out for when you’re installing, maintaining or repairing circuits and systems:

  • Ensure that any electrician who comes to work on your property has a full wireman’s license. This guarantees that all electricians adhere to the same standards of excellence and safety.
  • Ensure that the company they work with, or for, is registered with the European Compliance Academy (ECA) and can provide CoC certificates upon completion of electrical installations. If the company don’t comply, this can lead to more damage in the long run and ultimately additional, unnecessary costs. This compliance is particularly important if you plan on selling the property.
  • Ensure that all workers have been trained in appropriate Health Service Executive (HSE) protocol including fire fighting and first aid. This alleviates the risk of anyone – workers, visitors, owners – getting hurt on site.
If the above conditions are satisfied, here are some basic questions to further assess your electrical installations:
1. Is the chasing work laid out in a logical, efficient way?
Does the conduit in the wall run across the middle?
Are the conduits undamaged before they are closed up in the wall?
Has the correct wiring been used?
Have SABS-approved switches, sockets and lighting been used?
Has a City of Cape Town electrician approved the CoC?
Are all distribution board circuits separated correctly?
It’s not always easy to tell the state of the electrical installations in a property; if you are uncertain, contact us and we’ll perform a full energy audit for only R290. Call us on 086 101 4653.


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