Make the most of solar this summer

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Summer has already made itself at home in the Mother City and we couldn’t be happier after the months of cold. As seasons turn it’s always good to take a step back and reflect on the kinds of energy your home or business will need – and how much! The question we’re tackling today is:


How can you make the most of solar energy in summer?


We can already rule out the need for heaters, electric blankets and too-hot geysers from the equation, but what racks up the numbers in summer?


Here’s a breakdown of what household appliances use the most electricity in summer:

·         Fridge (50 kWh per month)

·         Air conditioner (1.8 kWh per hour)

·         Ceiling fan (0.075 kWh per hour)

·         Swimming pool pump (1.5 kWh per hour)


If you’re a business, you will use anywhere between 5 000 to 50 000+ kWh in a year, according to Make It Cheaper. So what is the solar solution? What does this mean for property owners in the coming months of sunshine and heat in terms of solar energy, your carbon footprint and going green?


Does hotter weather mean more energy?


Sunshine plays a major role in solar energy production. That said, excessive heat is not good for solar panels – the cells effectively lose efficiency which reduces how much energy is produced.


What buildings generate the most solar energy?


The location of the building and size of the solar panels you have affect how much solar energy is made. Ultimately, the buildings that have access to the “most sunshine” and the “most roof space” will generate for electricity and energy consumption.


If you’re looking rather to simply make more efficient use of your current systems, we’ll do an energy audit for just R290 and a COC inspection for just R390. For us it’s more than just using energy and electricity effectively, it’s about making sure the circuits and systems are well-designed, professionally-installed and cost-effective.


Considering all that, solar installations are the perfect solar solution to create an even more energy-efficient and green property, saving money and reducing your carbon footprint overall. Our team of skilled professionals will design, supply, install and commission a solar energy photovoltaic system to suit your specific needs enabling a more self-sufficient lifestyle. Call us today on 086 101 4653, email us at or fill in this simple form to get a quote:




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