Introducing Silas – Metro team leader and family man

Introducing Silas – Metro team leader and family man image

At Metro, we’re all about team work. We pride ourselves on using everyone’s skills, expertise and experience to give our customers the best possible roofing, electrics and solar services, while maintaining a healthy and fun environment for all our employees. We love telling you more about the people behind the hard work that happens and so today’s staff feature is on Silas Kunaka. Silas is a husband, a father to his young daughter, Nicole, an avid Chelsea fan and one of our team leaders.

We’re lucky to have had Silas as part of the team since 2009, which means he’s been working with Metro for about seven years. Silas was introduced to the company by his cousin, Joseph, and since starting as a labourer, he has progressed to second-in-charge and now a team leader. He is a mighty fine carpenter and he just recently completed his first solar installation.


Silas started his journey long ago with thatching work in Botswana. This has made him an invaluable asset in terms of experience and a key mentor to all the other Metro team members. It’s his experience and family history that helped developed his love for the roofing industry.


To this day, his favourite memory at Metro remains the moment he completed his first job as a team leader in Parry Road, Tygerberg. “The roofing job was finished on time and it’s a great feeling to realise that hard work truly pays off”, said Silas.


We consider Silas, with his eager learning attitude and permanent smile, a pinnacle part of the Metro team. We appreciate that he’s always asking questions and that he constantly strives to make Metro a better place for all his colleagues and clients!



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