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Good electric lighting is of utmost importance in all areas of your home. Metro offers you various Cape Town electrical installation services and solutions, and strives to make your house as energy efficient as possible by creating a safe, visually appealing and comfortable environment. Achieving stylish and effective lighting design essentially means putting light where it is needed and eliminating light where it is not.

Before we go into more detail about the types of electric lighting needed in different areas, let’s touch on the beauty of natural light, and how to maximize it during daylight hours. If done in the correct way, this will be beneficial not only for your well-being and the environment but will also help with major savings on energy costs. Think wide windows, lots of glass and if you’re renovating or building a new home, remember to chat to your architect and builders about how you position the house to really make the most of the sunshine.


For those grey days and long evenings in winter when you can’t always make use of daylight, it is important to design your lighting to complement your lifestyle. The type and amount of lighting that will work best will depend on factors such as what the room is used for, the elements you want to focus on and the ambience you want to create. Some areas will require more than one style of lighting, in which case it’s important to create flexibility with light by using dimmers.


Choosing your lighting

When it comes to choosing the correct type of lighting, there is no ‘best’ way – each alternative suits a specific style and has advantages and disadvantages – it’s about finding the right type for each space. When it comes to light bulbs, we suggest making use of as much LED lighting as possible; technology over the years has allowed the choice, size and style of energy saving bulbs to increase significantly. LED lighting is one of the easiest, most effective ways to improve your home. It’s healthier, more green and it saves you money. If you need more convincing to get LED installations done, here are some useful insights and five benefits of using LED lamps to help you make the switch.


Cooler lighting is usually intended more for working purposes, whereas a warmer white light is ideal for creating a relaxing feel and atmosphere. When it comes to your kitchen – too much is better than too little and lighting should always be more task oriented. This can be achieved through the use of a clearer light to create a clean, almost clinical effect. If the kitchen is also used as a social area, consider dimmers to incorporate a warmer atmosphere when needed, for example when the family gathers around the table for supper.


For a lounge, bedroom, living room or any area of relaxation, ambient lighting is usually desired and you want to find a balance between personality and functionality, while still allowing flexibility. Strategically placed lighting will allow people to be able to see each other over the table, however, softer light should also be incorporated to create a cosy effect when needed.


Similar to your living room, when it comes to a room such as your office, a flexible approach usually works best. This means clear, direct light to illuminate your work station, and a soft, dimmable light for when a more relaxed ambience is required.


We can help  

With all these choices, it is easy to get confused, which is why it is very important to plan and speak to professionals before starting with your lighting design. If you’re struggling to achieve the correct balance and atmosphere in your home, or would like to invest in LED lighting to make your home more environmentally friendly, do not hesitate to contact us for advice or a quote and our Cape Town electrical installation experts will get you sorted.


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