Get your family interested in LED lighting

Get your family interested in LED lighting image

The big question is: Have you got LED lighting installed in your home? If not, then why not? LED lighting is one of the easiest, most effective ways to improve your home. Not only does it save you money, it’s healthier and more “green”. If you need help convincing your family to get LED installations done, here are some useful insights to make your point:

What are the benefits of LED light bulbs?

-       They use very little energy

-       They last up to 10 years

-       They operate in very cold or very hot temperatures

-       They save you money over the long term


Why should parents care about LEDs?

-       LEDs don’t contribute to headaches and other health issues – no unnecessary trips to the doctor’s office.

-       LED light bulbs don’t contain mercury vapour, so if they break there are no toxic gases released into your home.

-       LEDs can be turned on and off repeatedly without damage, so if your little one has just discovered light switches it’s not going to cost you.

-       LED light bulbs can be dropped and won’t be spoiled – small accidents can be annoying but that’s not something you’d have to worry about with these.


What should you talk about before installing LEDs?

-       Consider what colour LED bulb you want for different rooms of the house – not all of them are yellow and warm, so make sure to look at the options.

-       Consider if you’re willing to pay more for LEDs initially – treat them like an investment that will serve you for a long time.

-       Consider if your home has dimmer switches – some LED light bulbs are non-dimmable which won’t work for these.

-       Consider what light fixtures should use LED bulbs – not all of them were made for LEDs so make sure before you install them everywhere.


If you would like us to do LED installations or an energy audit for your home, Metro can help you for just R290. This will help you and your family get a better idea of what you need to make your home energy efficient. We can design, supply and install high-quality cost-effective LED lighting and would love to be involved when you make the switch. Contact us here or call 086 101 4653 for Cape Town LED installations or more information. 


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