Education and electricity can change the world

Education and electricity can change the world image

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” And we couldn’t agree more. But what happens when education is hindered by lack of resources like electricity? What happens when eager minds are met with mediocre facilities?


We are incredibly excited to be working on a Cape Town solar project for Umnqophiso Pre-Primary School & After Care Centre, getting involved on a very practical level. How? By installing solar power systems and renewable energy power sources. We have three Metro roofers, two Metro electricians and project management staff working to make a positive impact in the lives of these young children, the lives of their families and the lives in the community.

Earlier this year, Umnquophiso put together a wish list for 2016 – things that they identified as key priorities – to attend to if the school was to run in a more effective way. Among the things on this list was renovation for the sandpit area, a photocopy machine, secure fencing and other resources that would give the scholars what they need. We heard about these needs via Ora, a company that has supported the school for several years, and didn’t hesitate to put forward a quote and plan of action.

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Schools are great entities for solar energy production because they consume all the energy they produce as they produce it. This means there is no need to store the energy using expensive batteries. The money then saved by using solar power can be invested into other key areas that are lacking in the school. Everyone wins! At Metro we always aim to put our clients needs first and will start by streamlining the school’s energy demands with things like LED lighting, light sensors and geyser timers. Once these energy-reducing measures are put in place we then design a solar energy supply system to meet these specific needs. All of these measures aim to reduce the strain on the already-limited budget, and have a healthy financial payback of 7/8 years.

So, how long is it going to take? The process involves obtaining council approval which can take up to two weeks but once the designed system gets the go-ahead, it’s simply a matter of sourcing all the materials, installing the necessary equipment and systems, commissioning it and getting the certification for the school. Once all this is complete the children will be taken through a short presentation to highlight the benefits of solar energy and why it’s going to make a difference in their school and their community.

At Metro we believe that when a school is well-maintained and taken care of, the children feel like they matter. This gives them an increased sense of self-worth and motivation to pursue the goals they have set for themselves in the classroom. When a child achieves his or her goals, he is able to inspire others. In turn, there is a ripple effect through the whole school and the dream to educate tomorrow’s leaders is further realised. How? Through education. Why? Because education will change the world.


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