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Winter is here, officially. We’ve all dusted our heaters, unpacked the blankets and put our electric blankets back on. But all of these cosy ‘necessities’ bring a heavy electricity bill to the table.

So how do you make sure your bill doesn’t kill the cosy mood? At Metro we believe in planning ahead and coming up with cost effective electrical solutions, taking a holistic approach to improve your homes’ energy efficiency and avoid scary bills. One way to do this is by conducting a Home Energy Audit, also referred to as a Home Energy Assessment. To bring bills from over R1 000 to less than a R1 000 is possible, and we can help with that.


The first step is to determine why your bills are as high. Which items in your house are the real culprits and using so much electricity, and what can you do to improve your overall energy efficiency.  


An energy audit will check all of the above, and includes checking for leaks, doing insulation tests, and inspecting the furnace and ductwork. Our Cape Town based electricians will point out exactly where you need to spend on improvements in order to help you save money in the long run.


An example could be to install LED lights. The good news is that they now come with warmer lighting, so gone are the days of harsh white light. LED lights can save you up to 80% of your total lights bill. If you replace all bulbs in the house and only use LED sensor lights outside, you can save up to 90%. So they not only help you save on your electricity bill, but are also an added security measure. (These nifty LED sensor lights will soon be available in SA, so watch this space.)


Think about tomorrow and invest in converting your electricity usage to being more efficient. It’s not only for your own budget, but also helps the environment. And this doesn’t just apply to your home, we can design, supply and install high quality, cost effective electrical systems for commercial and light industrial projects in Cape Town too. So get in touch today.



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