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One of the sad realities about the building and construction market is that far too often labourers move about the market with little or no documentation or credentials to certify their skillsets. Instead, referrals and word of mouth need to be relied on when evaluating a workers’ skill levels. This problem exists throughout many areas of the industry, and is something that we at Metro are working toward changing.

Metro intends to start offering our employees certificates to back up the experience and expertise that they acquire during their time at Metro. Therefore, should they ever leave, they will have industry credentials. As experts in roofing, electrical installations and green solutions, it is our hope that these certificates will not only start to become recognised industry-wide, but will set an example for other specialist companies to follow suit. In time, the industry as a whole will come to learn that a Metro worker has both strong technical skills and top quality workmanship.


At present, there is no certified standard for roofing. As such, and given that Metro prides itself in breaking the mould, we’re going to create one. Below is a rough idea of how it will work:


Metro employees will be trained by Eugene, one of the more experienced roofers in the Cape Town region, and Adam, founder of Metro and an experienced roofer originally from Australia - Adam has worked on every type of roof on three different continents. Under their training, each candidate will need to demonstrate their roofing knowledge and skills through both theoretical and practical testing. Should candidates pass both, they will receive their certificate for that level of expertise, thereafter being able to train and study for the next level. The certificate levels will be as follows:

Level  1- metro certified - basic sheeting - IBr and corrugated

Level 2 - complex sheeting - snap lock, etc.

Level 3 - basic flashing barge

Level 4 - complex flashing head wall etc.

Level 5 - water proofing

Level 6 - basic roof truss

Level 7 - rafters and lamented beams



Using this certification, Metro workers will be able to not only enhance their skills and monitor their improvement, but will be ensuring their future as qualified and skilled workers.

The program is still somewhat in its adolescence, and we expect to iron out the occasional kink. However, don’t be surprised if you start seeing more certification and Metro endorsements throughout the building industry.


If you would like to know more about our mentorship program, please feel free to get in touch with us.


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