Beat water shortages next summer

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Everyone avoids the subject, and we hate to be the ones to bring it up, but Cape Town is already at the end of summer, with autumn just around the corner (March). Whilst this is somewhat tragic, it does remind us of the little time that we have left, and to make the most of it. The same applies when considering home and office renovations and improvements.


Having just experienced one of the driest years in a very long time, with water shortages all over South Africa, we know all too well how precious water is and how frustrating not being able to use it as we please can be. Watering flower beds and lawns is unfortunately lowest on the agenda, leaving many Cape Town gardens baron after the festive period. Fortunately, at Metro we have the solution: water harvesting and recycling.

Whilst it’s too late now to set up rainwater harvesting for this summer, the time could not be more perfect to prepare for the coming winter rains and dry season next summer. The time is nigh, and it’s running out. If you’re looking to set up water harvesting for next season (in doing so helping our environment and saving you long-term expenses) make sure that you get it done before winter. This is essential for two reasons:

1.     Building and renovations cannot be done in the rain, which as we all know is very unpredictable in Cape Town, and

2.     Being set up prior to winter will allow you to harvest all of the rainwater that comes with it, building reserves and helping to pay off installation costs sooner, through savings.


Bear in mind of course that when South Africa has experienced shortages of resources in the past, the most common response to date has been to increase the price of said resource so as to discourage consumption. Considering this, the sooner you have water harvesting and/or recycling systems in place, the more you are likely to save.


For a quote, more information, or anything else, please feel free to get in touch with us. One of our team members will gladly explain more and schedule an inspection or quote.



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