Meet the team - Dylan Jacobs

At Metro we are all about team work and guiding our staff into the next stage of their career. Each and every person is extremely valuable when having to complete a project and we are incredibly grateful for the time and skills our staff dedicate to Metro. Following on from our staff feature on Orion, we would like to introduce you to Dylan Jacobs, another valued staff member who you can get to know by reading below. 

When Dylan joined Metro three years ago fresh out of school he showed great promise and we knew he would be an asset to our team. Dylan is eager to learn and he finds new ways each and every day to improve his skills. 


He has worked his way up over the last year from a labourer to a level 2 roofer. With a strong drive to excel within the company, Dylan took part in our mentorship programme which Eugene (one of our experienced roofers) runs. Metro uses this mentorship programme as a way to teach labourers who show promise a new skillset, as well as the chance to grow with us.  We are excited to promote Dylan to his new role within the company after three years of working hard. 

As a level 2 roofer at Metro you are given more responsibility and a stronger leadership role within the roofing team. Dylan has now been provided with his own full set of tools and the chance to further proof himself on site.  He is passionate about roofing and enjoys working on different projects throughout Cape Town.

In his spare time Dylan is an avid soccer fan, and doesn’t miss a Real Madrid game. He is also part of a club football team called the Devonshire Rovers and we’re pretty sure that if he wasn’t roofing with us he would be working on a strategy to become a professional footballer!

Thank you Dylan for your dedication to our team!


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