Make every drop count

Raging fires, the news about severe droughts around the country and the water restrictions are all sobering reminders for us to cut back on water usage. That said, it’s depressing to see beautiful flowers droop in the heat, and it’s restricting to be told when you can and can’t water your garden... so we’ve come up with a solution you may like. In a nutshell it’s a simple rain water harvesting and grey water re-cycling system that will bring back the flexibility you miss, and give your garden the boost it so desperately needs. 


Luckily it’s a simple process and one that Metro can help you with. When it comes to rain water, our mission is to ensure that gutters remain clear and effectively channel the water in to a customised tank. These range from 1 000 - 5 000 litres tanks, so you can select the one that makes the most sense for your home. The cost depends on the number of tanks and waterways that need to be set up, but bear in mind that one good storm can fill up a 3000 litre tank in no time all. It can save those newly planted Pincushion Proteas (water wise plants) without incurring a hefty fine. 

But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here... first up there are a couple of things you should keep in mind when installing a gutter to collect rain water. First of all, you need to estimate the volume of rain expected, and include how much water the gutter can collect. This will help you determine what size tank to install. Also make sure the tank has an aluminium filter with a fine mesh screen to clean the water. To prevent water overflow and wastage, water your garden before the tank becomes too full. 

We can also take it one step further to include a grey water recycling system, with eco-friendly water points from your house directly into a storage tank for use in your garden. Grey water is all the water in your household that comes from the bathroom, kitchen sink and laundry. This makes a big difference when there are restrictions and is a good habit to get in to all year round to conserve our precious water reserves.

Tom has recently set this up at home and is using the harvested rainwater to supply washing water and a solar geyser. He only uses eco-friendly products, which means the grey water can be collected in another tank or go directly into the garden, depending where it is needed most. Keen to find out more? Chat to us today for a quote. 


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