COCs and roof inspections


Anyone who has ever bought or sold a house will know that a Certificate of Compliance (COC) is a vital part of the selling/buying process. A COC is basically a document, certified by a competent authority, stating that everything is in good working order, meeting safety standards and legal requirements. In many countries it is a legal requirement for property sellers to have and produce an electrical COC as well as a water/plumbing COC. However, in South Africa, sellers need only obtain an electrical COC which, although simpler, is often forgotten about until the latter stages of the selling process.

Fortunately at Metro, where we have just about all of your property needs under one roof...

Our electrical services include the provision of inspections and supplying of electrical COCs, to ensure that these requirements are met. Moreover, we also offer energy audits and solutions that will help you lower your energy demands, saving you costs in the long run and helping you contribute toward a greener South Africa and a more sustainable future. This is of particular importance to businesses now, as we lead up to the inevitable implementation of carbon tax in South Africa.



A roof inspection, and sign off, is not a legal requirement for the sale of a house or building in South Africa. However, it is something that we would strongly recommend, and not just because we’re roofing specialists! There is nothing worse than purchasing property only to later find that the roof is in a state of disarray, requiring a large overhaul or reroofing, and thus incurring additional costs after purchase. This is something that not many people consider when buying, as one doesn’t often see the roof when viewing a property for purchase.

So in order to avoid any nasty surprises after buying, make sure you contact us for a roof inspection. To save on costs, painting is often a viable option to extend the lifespan of your roof, provided that the roof is older than 15 years and made from a metal roll formed profile. If the roof is less than 15 years old, painting could void the manufacture warranty.

Your roof is exposed to all the elements through the seasons. As such, it is important that the correct preparation be carried out prior to the actual painting of the roof area. This will avoid flaking of paint and visible surface rust appearing  through the newly painted surface.
Avoid using a water proof gel membrane to seal overlaps in metal roof sheeting as dampness occurs below the water proofing layer which causes corrosion and rust, adding to future maintenance issues.
However, a fresh coat of paint is no substitute for proper roof repairs or reroofing. Get in touch if you would like to know more.


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