Tips to take customer service to the next level

Top-notch customer service will always be one of the critical competitive advantages for any business, but particularly a small business making a name for itself. As customer experience expert Jerry Fritz says, “You’ll never have a product or price advantage again. They can be easily duplicated, but a strong customer service culture can’t be copied.”


At Metro we pride ourselves on getting it right, and learning from our mistakes when we don’t quite hit the mark. So here are a few tips for fellow business owners and managers:


Manage expectations 

Communication is key – always remain polite, friendly and keep it simple using short, concise sentences. At Metro, our mission is to make it easy for the customer to say yes or no. We do this by avoiding complicated questions and making a customer’s problems our own.

From the first point of contact, we clearly explain what the process is; for example on a roofing project Adam or Eddie will do a detailed inspection on site and produce a report, together with photos and a roof sketch. This illustrates exactly what the problems are and what is required.

Meet expectations

Put yourself in the shoes of the client, and try to understand what they want and expect. It is like playing a game of chess; the best way to win is to flip the board around and see what your opponent is seeing before you decide on your next move. So stop and ask yourself whether your actions or responses are going to meet expectations; and if not then it may not be the best way forward.

At Metro we always aim to stick to the estimated price and time frame of our jobs. We pride ourselves on a 75-80% success rate on both these fronts for all roofing projects. Roofing is often more complicated than one expects, with unforeseen obstacles, so 80% is a good rate in our industry. When it comes to solar and electric projects, our delivery is normally at between 80-90% success rate on budget and time.


Exceed expectations

Where-ever feasible or possible, go above and beyond expectations. This goes a long way to generating positive word of mouth. Referrals are still the best form of generating leads, so don’t miss out on any opportunity to do so.

For example we often clean out the old gutters and down pipes even if this task was not in the quote, as we know it’s something most people don’t think of or want to do but it does prevent a lot of damage. When it comes to electrics, it might be simply changing a light bulb or flickering light not in the scope of work, or tidying up old cabling to meet our standards, even though it is not part of our work.

So if you’re looking for quality workmanship coupled with world-class customer service then get in touch with our team for all roofing, solar, electric and complete green solutions projects.



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