Have your energy audited and help fight climate change!

Have your energy audited and help fight climate change! image

Climate change is an inevitable phenomenon that we need to address rather than ignore and hope it goes away! Whether it’s changing temperatures, changes in rainfall timing and quantities, or changes in seasons, we feel the effects daily in South Africa.


To add to these difficulties, South Africa is experiencing energy shortages and facing debilitating load shedding. We cannot depend on the national grid and with electricity prices set to increase by as much as 13%, who would want to?


What can domestic consumers do to combat these problems you might ask? We at Metro have an exciting new offering in the form of household energy audits and green energy solutions that may just do the trick.

We specialise in roofing, solar and electric solutions for residential and commercial projects in and around Cape Town, all of which can help reduce energy consumption. We also offer roofing installations through to green energy solutions by providing homeowners and commercial property owners with innovative solar installations, rainwater harvesting and roof top gardens.


We will come to your house or place of work and perform a complete energy report. The report will be both thorough and simple to understand, giving you a better idea of just how much energy you are actually using and on what. Below is an example of a graphic interpretation.


Energy consumption breakdown of an average household


We believe the movement towards being more energy conscious is both a behavioural and physical adjustment. There are some simple behaviour changes that can really help to streamline your energy demands. Using these audits, we can then advise you on how to streamline resources and save energy in future, by taking a series of Green Steps.

The principle of Green Steps is to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle. It is as much about how much energy is demanded, as it is how the energy is supplied. Some Green Steps are quick, behavioural and easy i.e. taking shorter showers, washing clothes in cold water or using LED lighting. 

Others are harder and more difficult such as rainwater harvesting, installing light sensors, replacing geysers and using efficient heating. Remember that although this may seem like an effort, the more you change and improve now the better your results and sustainability in the future. Moreover, the less energy you demand, the less you will spend in the long run!

You are not expected to know how to improve your overall energy efficiently. That is what we’re here for! Let us take a look and work with you to improve your situation. It will not only save you money and time in the future but it will help combat the South African energy crisis and the overall impact on our beautiful environment.


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