Tom's Green Shed Part 2


Let's pick up where we left off. So during the first eight days of this project we managed to: put down foundation poles around the existing shed, build a support base frame, build roof trusses to effectively hold the weight of the solar panels and secure the entire structure by adding in three walls and window frames. Since then, the project has been an absolute dream to work on.    


Day 9: Took out old support (mind the cobra holes!) and put in support for the floors.


Day 10: Put in the floors (tip: use a level if you have one - the bigger the better).


Day 11: Put in the front wall with windows and doors (try to not cut the window holes too big to avoid having to do the wall over again).


Day 12: Getting into the green shed was proving to be quite an effort so it was time to put in the front deck entrance support.


Day 13: Employ the Rolling Stone to help install the deck, with strategically placed drainage holes.


Day 14: Pay the Rolling Stone with a beer and enjoy the moments.

Stay tuned for our next project.


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