Make hay while the sun shines

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After what seemed like a small eternity of an everlasting winter, spring has finally arrived in Cape Town. Soon we will all be enjoying summer days on beaches, or in parks, with the thought of this previous winter so far removed from our minds that next winter will be no more than a spec on the horizon. However, take it from a roofing professional that now is the best time to think about your roof – it may not be the most exciting topic of thought, but it is the most logical and efficient:

You’ve just made it through the winter and won’t have to deal with prolonged heavy rains for some time (unless of course you live in the northern half of South Africa, in which case you still have a few months). However, take a moment to think to yourself: were there any small leaks or little niggles that I noticed in my roof? If so, spring or summer is the time to remedy such situations. The environment is at it most temperate and there is a limited risk of further rainfall. This means fixings, joinery work and adhesives have sufficient time to set and dry before being tested. Trying to do these things in the autumn or peak of summer can lead to further problems down the line due to insufficient setting time or expansion or contraction with the changing temperatures.

Even if perhaps you don’t have a leak, but are concerned about how well the roof over your head will fare next rainy season, given its state at the end of this one, now is the time to check. (Metro offers free roof inspections by the way, and you can contact us to enquire at any time.) It’s always best to be certain with regard to the shelter in which you live. But even if you are, you might want to consider your roofing options anyway.

Roofing is a professional skill. This is due the risks involved working at height, ensuring work is water tight and that the water-ways are correct, pitches adequate etc. Everything is protected by your roof and if short cuts are taken on installation it will lead to leaks, damage to ceilings and damage to the interior of the house. One important point to note is that if the installation is not done to the required specifications, e.g. correct pitch, screws, fixings etc., then the manufacturers warranty will probably not be up-held. This warranty can be as long as a 20 year material warranty. Therefore we would always advise hiring a roofing specialist rather than a normal builder or handy man.

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