Tom's Green Shed

Say hello to our latest project :) The structure of this green shed is made of rigid, locally sourced South African Pine – to promote longevity in our climate.

All roofing materials and solar equipment will naturally be sourced and installed by Metro, but Tom is doing all the physical labour himself!

The end result will comprise of a solar rain water harvesting mechanism, to collect water that can be used for watering the garden and washing windows and cars; solar panels, to cover up to 70% of all electrical consumption for the house; and a spectacular roof top garden to bring the place to life.


The progress has been swift and faultless thanks to Tom’s hard work and expertise. Here are the first eight full days of work in photos:


Day 1 – we put down foundation poles around the existing shed.


Day 3 – we built the top roof support base.


Day 2 – we built a support base frame, which serves as the spine of the construction.


Day 4 – We added meat to the bone, building roof trusses to effectively hold the weight of the solar panels.


Day 5 - The roof is complete – after we put purlins, insulation and roof sheeting on.


Day 6 – we pulled down the broken old shed, now that all support beams and cover is in place.


Day 7 – we put the windows in place.


Day 8 - we installed three walls made from lap board wood strips, which preserves heat and can withstand the South African climate.

Stay tuned for the next instalment soon.


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