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Solar installations are the perfect solution to create a more energy efficient property, saving on money and reducing your carbon footprint over many years. The first questions most people ask is where do I start, and what does it cost. The good news is that our team of skilled professionals can talk you through the options; and if you decide to go ahead, we will design, supply, install and commission a solar photovoltaic system to suit your specific needs, enabling a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

The rise in electricity usage has taken its toll on the sole provider of the source, however renewables are playing an increasing role in the prevention of load shedding. 8% of outages from January to June this year were avoided thanks to renewable sources, having a positive effect on all of our homes and the offices. 


When it comes to Metro solar, we offer solutions with an estimated payback of seven years on current tariffs, with a base cost of R67 000. The pay back time on solar geysers is four to five years, with a base cost of R30 000 and an estimated saving of at least R600 per month.

So whether it is a Solar Roadway to a sustainable future, pledging to reach 100% renewable energy by 2045 or buying your first solar panel, investing in the future and wellbeing of the planet and saving  money while doing so will be rewarding when you’re sipping cocktails in the Bahamas from your savings!

When looking at businesses, having a backup plan is essential, especially those operating online. Taking a typical week with two two-hour stints of load shedding during working hours. The immediate result would be to send everyone home and ask them to come in early the next day – but realistically most of the time would be lost. This could easily add up to a loss of R20 000 to R30 000 a month for a small to medium sized business.

So what’s the way forward?

Remember that simple changes can have a massive impact to make your home a greener, cleaner and more sustainable place to live. Our team of experts will come and do a full free of charge energy analysis of your home. We then provide a three-step approach to a more energy efficient home.

Step 1: Stream-line your demand through quick easy green steps. These are usually behavioural and more of a lifestyle change cost than a physical money outlay.

Step 2: Take some small green steps by adapting you energy demands to be more efficient – e.g. LED lights, light sensor etc.

Step 3: The big green steps, adapting the way your large energy consumption items are supplied e.g S

solar geysers, solar panels for pool pumps, etc.

At Metro we have all the right skills under one roof and can provide you with all the necessary advice – so take a moment to look at our three-step process for green solutions: and don’t forget our favourite riddle…

I have kept you dry when it was wet, warm when it was cold, I even kept you cool when it is hot. I can provide light when there is none, water when it is dry and even produce food when you don't have a garden. 

I have been with you since birth and will be there when you catch the bus.

What am I?


I am your roof.


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