Solar power Wi-fi benches keep Joburg connected

In January 2008 Eskom introduced planned rolling blackouts based on a rotating schedule, in periods where short supply threatens the integrity of the grid – otherwise known as load shedding. Demand-side management has focused on encouraging consumers to conserve power during peak periods in order to reduce the frequency of load shedding; and solar energy is becoming increasingly sought after and utilized in both homes and businesses. The alternative energy industry has taken huge strides in improving the access of electricity, which powers our lives on a daily basis.


The latest invention, steering solar generated power in the right direction, is the SOLAR-POWER WI-FI BENCH, which popped up in Johannesburg earlier this month. The bench boasts USB charging points, free Wi-Fi and a comfy seat in the busy area of Braamfontein; so students and locals get to enjoy the very first venture of its kind in South Africa.

In order for this project to take shape, the team of Isabelo has partnered with property developer group South Point. Memeburn quotes Ndumiso Davidson, the CEO of South Point property developer group: “We are excited to be partnering with the team from Isabelo, as its Smart Bench concept dovetails with our strategy to rebuild Braamfontein as an inclusive, multi-dimensional and student-friendly live-work-play destination district.”

Naturally we’re all for this type of technology and look forward to seeing something similar in Cape Town soon. In the meantime, check out our solar packages, and read our blog post on load shedding solutions for SMEs.

Image sourced from: Memeburn


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