Changing the way you think about your roof

Historically the roof of a house is seen as a means of shelter with a single purpose of protection. At Metro Roof we believe it’s much more than this and that a roof can become a key asset of your home. It can be used to heat water or produce electricity. You can use it to produce food and reduce your carbon footprint. At Metro Roof we aiming to change the way you think about your roof, and invite you to join us on this journey. Here is a quick overview of the top four ways we want to change the way you think about your roof:


1. Create a green roof

Growing in popularity, a living roof is fantastic for the environment and a beautiful addition to your home. Although these roofs are quite difficult to install, they have a positive impact on the environment. The roof usually consists of a layer of vegetation with a growing medium, waterproof layers, vapour control and structural support below it. The structural support will usually be made of a durable material such as metal. The only upkeep you will need to do is trim the grass on your roof. Another bonus of a living roof is that leaks and gutter damage are less likely to occur, because the roof will absorb moisture.


2. Use your roof to produce green energy

Your roof offers the perfect solar energy-producing surface, particularly the north facing surfaces. Installing solar panels and an efficient electrical system can add huge value to your lifestyle and future. Typical household electricity bills cost anything from R800 - R2 000. Changing your approach to your roof by installing simple solar systems can reduce this dramatically. It will also lead to a much cleaner tomorrow for the kids, not to mention reducing the effects load shedding has on your life style.


3. Use your roof to catch clean natural rainwater

One of the biggest sources of water comes from the sky. Why not utilise this by installing a simple catchment solution? Metro Roof installs an array of gutters, valleys and troughs that can feed into a catchment area of your choice. The water can be used for gardens, cleaning and even drinking with the right treatment. This will greatly enhance your water efficiencies and reduce the impact on the environment, not to mention the saving it will have on your wallet.


4. Use your roof to heat water

One of the biggest monthly household costs comes from heating water. Thermal geysers on your roof can be used to heat water and reduce this cost. It is also one of the cleanest forms of energy, transforming sunlight directly into heat using a simple thermal system.

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