Metro load-shedding solutions for SMEs

“Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.” Denis Waitley

With power outages planned to continue for at least the next two years, running a business has become increasingly challenging for South Africa’s start ups and entrepreneurs. With this in mind, Metro has designed a loadshedding solution to help.


The current electricity demand outstrips supply, leading to a temporary solution of scheduled power outages being adopted to prevent the collapse of the entire national electricity grid.

In addition to undermining investors’ faith in the national economy, loadshedding is seriously affecting the survival of many small commercial activities and start-ups.

Running a business is no walk in the park; it’s more like an adventurous hike up a mountain, where major obstacles and hidden tricks are the order of the day.  When you add loadshedding to the mix there are a whole host of additional challenges, which can be summed up in a short list: 

1. Working hours shift

Shops and businesses are often forced to close their doors and ask staff to come back at different times/days. This negatively impacts work-life     balance as well as the morale of the staff.

2. Reduced revenue stream

No surprise here – having to shut down activity during peak hours has seriously affected the revenue streams of most South African SMEs.

3. Increase in crime rates

As security systems go off due to power outages at night, opportunistic criminals take advantage.

Let’s do the maths to appreciate the extent of the problem.

Take for example a hypothetical design agency, which we will call “Urban Basics”, operating in the an office in CBD in Cape Town.

Urban Basics is currently owned by two young and dynamic interior designers, who have eight employees. The office hosts about 10 computers, a wireless modem connection, three lights and five cell phone chargers.

Taking a typical week with two two-hour stints of loadshedding during working hours, the immediate result would be to send everyone home and ask them to come in early the next day – but realistically most of the time would be lost. This could easily add up to a loss of R25 000 to R40 000 a month for a business this size!

How many months can a small business afford to lose this amount of money for? Not many I guess, unless they are performing super well.

The easiest and most cost effective solution for our design company is to implement Metro’s load shedding solution. This would keep the power and Internet on during outages, ensuring that no time will be wasted nor computer work lost. An initial set up cost of R20 000 – R40 000 will pay itself off  in only eight days if we suppose our 10 employees will work for an average of 21 days in any given month.

So what exactly does the Metro’s load shedding solution consists of? Alternative battery power, Inverter. We come to your workplace or home to install it ourselves, which should take no more than a day or two. It’s designed to allow for further expansion into alternative energy, such as solar. All-in-all, it’s a great first step towards a more sustainable energy solution.

So make a smart choice today, and invest in the future sustainability and stability of your own business. Keen to find out more? Have a look at our Metro load shedding and off-grid solutions for homes and offices in the Western Cape.



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