Tips to select the right sustainable roof for your home

Achieving a completely green lifestyle is not an easy task, but there are lots of ways we can move in the right direction, particularly when renovating or building a new home.  Keep this in mind from laying down the foundation of the house to putting the final tiles on your roof. Here is a quick overview of the top four sustainable roofing options for you to consider:


Metal sheets

Creating metal is an energy intensive process, however metal sheets for roofing are often made from recycled materials and the end result is sustainable and attractive. A metal roof is easy to install and fairly inexpensive, which is great for a new home owner. Metal sheets can also withstand any weather conditions, and during summer months can help to keep your home cool, which will save on air conditioning costs. We suggest you consider light aluminium and steel.

Green roof

Growing in popularity, a living roof is fantastic for the environment and a beautiful addition to your home. Although these roofs are quite difficult to install, they have a positive impact on the environment. The roof usually consists of a layer of vegetation with a growing medium, waterproof layers, vapour control and structural support below it. The structural support will usually be made of a durable material such as metal. The only upkeep you will need to do is trim the grass on your roof. Another bonus of a living roof is  that leaks and gutter damage are less likely to occur, because the roof will absorb moisture.

Clay or Slate tiles

Stunning and durable – clay and slate tiles will probably out live the lifespan of your house. They are costly at first, but the warranty is worth the price tag. Both materials are water resistant and supply a lovely cooling effect during hot summer months, once again saving on the additional installation of an air conditioning system.  Make sure you choose a tile that is timeless, if house alterations occur the tiles should always suit the style of the home.

Wooden covering

If you’re interested in installing a wooden roof you need to take caution when choosing the wood. Be aware that different types of wood age differently and some can warp easily. It’s best to pick wooden tiles that are made from reclaimed and recycled wood, as they are more durable. When purchasing the wood make sure it doesn’t have any preservative or moss inhibitors added to it, as these might cause the wood to deteriorate at a faster pace.



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