Starting a new business?

If you are in the process of putting together a business plan and are ready to take the leap to become an entrepreneur, then take two minutes to read Vodacom’s latest blog post. It gives six good reasons as to why you should be starting right now.

Our very own Adam Commerford was featured in the article, sharing his experience of starting Metro Roofing Contractors, and how you need to be proud of what you have created.


Adam Commerford founded Metro Roofing Contractors seven years ago and says that it's a decision he's never looked back on, despite the stresses and challenges that occur daily when running your own business. 

'I started with just me and one employee putting roofs on people's houses. Today I employ 12 people, most of whom provide for their families by working for my company, and we do both industrial and residential roofs of all shapes and sizes,' he says. 'Whenever the stress starts to get to me and I wonder if it wouldn't be easier to get a job, I think about what I've built over the years, and the work it's taken me to get there and I know I could never give it up.'

He says that you do have to be prepared to think on your feet. 'Many people have a trade or a skill and that's what they bring to their business. But it's the admin, HR issues and financial side of business that many startups don't have the skills for. It's best not to try and do it all – getting professional help where it counts, especially when it comes to managing money, will help your business to stay afloat.

Read the rest of the article here.


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