Three types of roofing to consider in SA

Whether you are replacing your old roof or building a new home, deciding what type of roof to get for your house is never an easy job.  With plenty of hours spent in front of the computer researching which roof will meet your residential needs, and chatting to a whole range of people with different opinions, it can become quite a long drawn out process.  Often homeowners are left asking questions such as: how much will it cost; what are my maintenance obligations and what will the durability be? To make your decision an easier one, we have put together an analysis of the three most common roofing options in South Africa for you to find your perfect fit.



By far the most practical solution, a metal roof is lightweight and best of all it will has a life expectancy as long as your home. Although installation is not easy and can only be done by a professional, consequently raising the initial cost, there is no need for the old roof to be dismantled and disposed of, as the metal can be upcycled and used again.

Leaving little room for cracks and leaking, cost saving is guaranteed as very little maintenance is required. Metal is a noncombustible material, and its fire resistant properties make a metal roof one of the safest options for your house. Partly made with recycled material, a metal roof is also environmentally-friendly, and another added benefit is that its able to reflect heat and block its transfer, increasing energy efficiency and saving up to almost 20% on electricity bills.


This is worth considering if you want to achieve a super stylish home (picture an Italian home on a vineyard that has stood the test of time), and the best part about installing a tile roof is that it is very resistant and sustainable. However clay, concrete or sand-castle tiles are all quite heavy and easily breakable during installation, which makes it quite a difficult process.

Tiles need to be installed by a skilled professional and the installation usually requires extra structural reinforcement to support the weight. Tiles are the most expensive option but last the longest. Homeowners also need to consider the cost of maintaining the underlayment, which is necessary to avoid leaks and cracks.


Showcasing a natural beauty, slate is the ideal match for every architectural style and comes in a variety of natural colors. Its incomparable longevity makes slate a good solution for both those who do not plan to ever sell their home and for those who need short term real estate investment to increase the value of their home.

Despite its longevity and low maintenance requirements, a slate roof often requires an additional cost of cleaning and painting of your gutters regularly. The heaviness of the slate material often requires extra support and the fragility of the roof often means professionals need to take caution when walking on the roof.

So all-in-all metal roofs generally get our vote – but each situation is different and if you’re still undecided or have any questions please get it touch; we’ll be more than happy to talk you through it.



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