Summer rain – the perfect way to check for potential leaks


A bit of cloud cover and the odd smattering of summer rain is always a welcome relief in the height of summer – and the ideal time of year to make sure that any of the leaks that may have formed can be dealt with immediately.


So once the light summer rain has occurred, take the time to wander around your home and make notes as to where possible problems areas could be. Inspect any obvious signs of leaks and take a picture of the area so you are aware of it once the rain has stopped. You can then save the roofer time spent trying to find the problem areas. 

Making sure that this is done during summer will save you money in the long run, because as the wetter winter months approach the problem can become worse and cause unnecessary damage. A badly damaged roof can be extremely costly to repair, so rather alleviate the problem while it is still minor.


When surveying your home for any damage be sure to look out for these warning signs:

·         Sagging ceiling linings

·         Corrosion of fixings (i.e. screws, nails, etc.)

·         Uneven floor surfaces - lifting of vinyl

·         Mould or fungi formation on surfaces (although this is often due to poor ventilation)

·         Musty smells

·         Swollen materials e.g. skirtings/ architraves

·         Staining or discolouration of materials or finishes

·         Stained or rotting carpet or rusting of carpet fixings.


Even a slight sign of leakage is worth checking out, as the problem might become worse over a short period of time.


Most homes have common areas where leaks occur, so it’s worth evaluating these areas thoroughly:

·         Parapets and flat roofs

·         Roof to wall junctions

·         Pergola fixings

·         Handrail fixings

·         Lack of flashings to windows and penetrations

·         Decks over living areas

·         Balustrade to deck or balustrade to wall junctions

·         Clearances at bottom of claddings

·         Level of ground outside is above interior floor level.


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