Metal Sheet Roofing in Noordhoek

We at Metro Roof specialise in all types of Metal Sheeting – including Corrugated, IBR and Concealed Fixed. As a result we provide Metal Sheet Roofing in Noordhoek on a regular basis.

We provide both the supply and installation of Metal Sheet Roofing in both Commercial and Residential capacities. We work with a trusted and specialised selection of suppliers – including Youngman Roofing and Sheet Metal Works and Global Roofing Solutions.

Our years of experience working with these world class suppliers, together with over a decade of our staffing working together as a team – have allowed us to become experts in this specific area of Roofing.


Installation of a New Diamondek Profile Roof

Download Projects Specs here: Noordhoek Brochure

Metal Sheet Roofing in Noordhoek

The scope of work included the installation of .53 Clean ColorBond Ultra AZ200 Diamondek Roof Sheeting on a Timber Structure which included both prefabricated trusses as well as exposed rafters. The roof size covered in this project was 623m2.


Installation of a New Corrugated Sheeted Roof

Download Project Specs here: Noordhoek Brochure 2

Metal Sheet Roofing in Noordhoek

This installation of metal sheet roofing in Noordhoek included the installation of a .53 Clean Colorbond Ultra AZ200 corrugated, matt finished sheeting. Metro Roof also installed the exposed bespoke trusses that were manufactured ad installed on-site. It included IsoBoard insulation material installed over the trusses as a ceiling. The roof size covered was 497m2. 

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