Metal Sheet Roofing Installation Bishopscourt

We at Metro Roof specialise in all types of Metal Sheet Roofing Installation – including Corrugated, IBR and Concealed Fixed.

We provide both the supply and installation of Metal Sheeting in both Commercial and Residential capacities. We work with a trusted and specialised selection of suppliers – including Youngman Roofing and Sheet Metal Works and Global Roofing Solutions.

Our years of experience working with these world class suppliers, together with over a decade of our staffing working together as a team – have allowed us to become experts in this specific area of Roofing.

Bishopscourt Metal Sheet Roofing Installation

Metro Roof Installation of a Diamondek Concealed Fixed Roof Sheeting

This roof was installed carefully on to a “floating” Steel Structure. This world class roof design was not only a unique project for the Metro Team to complete, but it also provided outstanding views during the installation process (another great day at the office). 

Metal Sheet Roofing Installation

Progress image during installation – Metro Team harnessed in and ready to work

metal roof sheeting

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