Roofing: the good, the bad, the ugly

Roofing Tips. When you think about home maintenance, you seldom think of roofing. Sure, interior decorating, gutter flow, flooring and plumping come to mind, but it’s easy to overlook the overhead. If your roof goes though, very little that can stand unharmed. Although home maintenance – roof maintenance specifically – is expensive, it is always cheaper to prevent than repair.  

We’ve broken down the good, the bad and the ugly of roofing to help you know what you should look out for:


All of our sheeting is custom cut in a factory, and where cutting is required on site this is done with hand clips. We do not use angle grinders or other cutting tools on roof sheets as we have found that these lead to premature corrosion, residue of metal filings on the roof and untidy work.

We always use the manufacturer’s specifications for fixings to ensure warranties remain valid and no premature corrosion of sheets occurs. We believe that your home is an asset and should be taken care of accordingly.

Flashing work

Every roof is different, and therefore it makes sense that they require custom designed flashing. Flashing isn’t a formula that can be copied and pasted from one roof to the next – water resistance construction is a science. Standard flashings do not always provide the adequate overhang, appropriate bends and suitable water channels for your individual roof. 

Our roofing professionals have been designing flashings for over 20 years and always create to suit the roof pitch, angles and joints. If you look after your roof, you can rest assured that your home is covered.


Different roof areas require various waterproofing solutions. These vary from bitumen-based torch on waterproofing to uni flash or acrylic membranes. 

It is not best practice to put waterproofing directly onto horizontal roof sheeting, because this creates condensation, premature corrosion and ultimately it will leak. The use of customised metal flashings and a waterproofing seal are a better option here. We always assess and install the best solution for your roof. 


More roofing tips include – corners and joints should make use of a miter cut rather than a right angle joint. The miter cut is neater and the overhang of the fascia board may be inclined to rot through possible water penetration if a right angle joint is used. 

We are invested in making your roof as safe as possible. If you would like us to assess your roof, call us for a quote and a recommendation. If your roof is more than two years old, we’d recommend getting in touch to talk about the best solutions for home maintenance. Call us on 086 101 4653 or send an email to today.

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