Tips for metal roofing and energy consumption

More than ever, homeowners are looking for ways to consume less energy in their homes. Whether through recycling or simply reducing use, we’re more environmentally conscious than ever before. Not just that, lower energy consumption means a decrease in utility bills – this is great news over the long-term! Something that is possibly overlooked when it comes to taking reductive measures is the correct instalment of metal roofing. At Metro, we always strive to make use of the most cost-effective and energy-efficient solutions. Here are tips for metal roofing and energy consumption to ensure that you metal roofing is properly geared for careful energy consumption:


COLORBOND® Ultra AZ200 has extra protective layer designed for harsher environments which is perfect for places like Cape Town’s coastal region. If you live within 10 kilometres of the coast, we highly recommend this material.

#2 Pitch your roof right

The pitch of your roof is another quintessential element to consider when assessing the energy consumption of your home. To stimulate the water run off on this roofing it is best to have a profile with a wider pan.

#3 Choose the right sheets

The thickness of the roofing sheets looks at the options of 0.47 vs 0.53. Where a roof is exposed to a lot of roof foot traffic, we would recommend a 0.53 thickness to ensure that corrosion doesn’t happen quickly or at all. We also recommend 0.53 thickness if the aesthetics are important in regards to the roof or if it’s very visible in domestic environments.

#4 Isolation is a must

Isolation is non-negotiable. Not only does it act as an internal vapour barrier, but it has significant thermal properties that are sustainable for our very hot summers and our cooler winters. For the sake of your home and your wallet, isolation cannot be neglected.

#5 The structure must be sound

Ensure that your underlying structure is accurate and sound. It goes without saying that a good roof is worth nothing without a good foundation. A19 has a required standard of specifications which all roofs must meet, which is a great industry standard set in place for your safety and well-being.

If you’re looking for more tips for metal roofing or a general roofing consultant to assess the current state of your roof or make a recommendation for any future repairs and renovations, Metro Roof has got you covered. Call us on 086 101 4653 or send us an email for a quote at

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