Solar Installations in Cape Town | 2017

In 2017 we had the privilege of working towards a more sustainable future by putting our roofing expertise towards lowering Cape Town’s carbon footprint through Solar installations in Cape Town. We got to do all of this while working within some of Cape Town’s most picturesque locations.

Why does Metro Roof offer Solar?

Solar Panel Systems are installed on a structure’s roof. Therefore a full understanding of the roof type, material and condition is key to ensuring that a solar system is installed correctly – and with absolutely no damage to the roof. With our comprehensive experience and knowledge of the working environment, we are able to guarantee a successful installation that ensures your roof warranty/guarantee is not breached. 

Metro Roof’s 2017 Solar Installations in Cape Town

Camps Bay Project | May 2017

Installation of 126 First Solar Panels on a Diamondek Concealed Roof Profile

Solar Installations in Cape Town

Scope of Work:

We provided the installation of 126 x First Solar Panels on the North facing Diamondek concealed roof. We then installed an Aluminium Grid with Aluminium Brackets which were designed specifically for the Diamondek Roof Sheeting. The mounting structure was installed for the Solar Panels with a 3 Phase Inverter installed next to the main DB Board.

Camps Bay – Download Project Brochure

Constantia Project | July 2017

Installation of First Solar & Canadian Solar Panels on a Corrugated Roof

Solar Installations in Cape Town

Scope of Work:

Metro Roof provided a solar installation in Cape Town of 40 x First Solar Panels on a North facing Corrugated Roof, as well as the installation of 9 x Canadian Solar Panels on the East facing Corrugated Roof. An Aluminium Grid with Stainless Steel Bolts were installed, together with the Mounting Structure for the Solar Panels – with an installation of a 3 Phase Inverter inside of a waterproof box.

Constantia – Download Project Brochure

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