Roofing Safety at Metro Roof

“Safety is not a gadget but a state of mind,” said safety expert, Eleanor Evert. Roofing Safety at Metro Roof is a culture rather than a requirement.

At Metro, safety is at the forefront of whatever we do. Not only does it give our team and clients piece of mind, but it adds to our overall professional approach to roofing and solar projects.  We provide roof and electric safety training to all our teams in compliance with construction regulations in the industry. We approach each project we work on with focus and a sense of professionalism allowing us to innovate and deliver impeccable work.

To run our business sustainably and professionally, and to ensure our workers’ safety while ensuring the best possible service, we strive to maintain these key parameters at all times:  

·      All our professional roofers and solar installers have been provided with training for working at heights, first aid, fire, etc.

·      All our teams have been issued with the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect them on site.

·      We stay up to date with workmen’s compensation, in the event of unwanted accidents.

·      We comply with the Labour Act.

·      We have workmanship and public liability insurance in place to give our clients peace of mind.

·      All our employees are registered with the Building Industry Bargaining Council (BIBC). We recommend that clients check that all workmen on site are registered to avoid any liabilities.

·      Given the size of our business, we are VAT registered and comply with all SARS requirements and submissions.

·      We provide our staff with the correct well-maintained and industry-standard tools to do the job as well as possible and maintain our certificate of compliance.

·      All old sheets are recycled to avoid dumping as much as possible.

Should you have any questions regarding Roofing Safety at Metro Roof or the measures we take to ensure that every project is done in a safe manner, please send an email to 

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