Metro Roof quoting app on tech’s cutting edge

For a company to remain relevant, it’s important to be on the cutting edge of trends and movements. Metro prides itself in keeping up with these both locally and internationally with the Metro Roof quoting app. One of these trends is the prominence of the use of technology through every level of a business. For us, it’s from the moment you pick up the phone until we put that final finish on your home. 

Our quoting app is one of our most notable achievements in keeping up with the drive of tech in the roofing, construction and electrical industry. It’s a system we use that ensures an accurate costing of a project according to the specs you give us. The app operates on the back end of the website, which means it isn’t seen by you, but our team is professionally trained to make the most of it for your benefit.

We are proud to have a consistently quick turn around on all quotes. What is the process for that to happen? One of our professionals visit your site to do a physical inspection. With an accurate roof sketch and room layout you’ll receive a roof, solar or electrical quote using our custom-designed quoting app.

The Metro Roof quoting app allows us to streamline our accuracy and productivity, saving us both time and saving you money. This also gives you the guarantee that you’re given a fair and industry-competitive quote. The app also puts us on the map in terms of being competitive – not only locally, but internationally as well. 

Metro exists to give you, our customer, a solution for all your roofing, electrical and solar needs. Want a quote? Contact us today and we’ll get back to you with a quote to fit your specifications. Call 086 101 4653 or email us at

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