Use Metro for your solar installation in 2017

Solar roof installations should be well-installed by a professional for them to have solid, long-lasting foundations. However, what good is a rooftop solar installation on a damaged or leaky roof? Solar installations have become increasingly popular, which is great news, but unfortunately we often see situations where the person who did the job didn’t take the condition of the roof into account.

As with most things, rather ensure a job is done properly the first time than having to deal with problems at a later stage. It goes without saying that you will save a lot of money if you don’t have to fix something every year. The same goes for the installation of a solar roof. Instead of using a company that only focuses on the installation, rather get a professional roofer such as Metro who can make recommendations and will consider all aspects. This way you can rest assured that your solar installation will be durable, safe and effective.

One of the most important things to inspect is the state of your roof – consider how old it is and when last maintenance was done. If your roof is in a bad condition, it will most likely not work with solar panels. The best thing is to fix that problem first. The last thing you want is for the solar installation system to outlive your roof. Why? Because you’ll have to pay to remove and reinstall the panels when maintenance needs to be done. 

As with most construction and maintenance work, another important aspect to consider when getting solar installations done is the health and safety of the professional workers during the process. Workers will have to work at a height with heavy equipment, as well as DC currency which is very dangerous. If the panels get installed incorrectly, for example if the wrong brackets are used, this might lead to voided warranties from manufacturers.

Lastly, a professional roofer will always be sure to protect your roof and will consider every single element, such as storm water and risk of water leakage to make it as safe as possible in the long term. Metro has industry-leading in-house solar and electrical professionals that allows us to install solar systems and electrical requirements. All the while, the team takes the roof needs and specifications into account. 

Chat to us about getting solar panels installed on your roof in the new year. Our team of skilled professionals will design, supply, install and commission a solar system to suit your specific needs, enabling a more sustainable lifestyle. Call us on 086 101 4653 or send us an email to

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